Lancer de hache Paris - Foire aux questions

Axe throwing at Les Cognées

How does a session work ?

The game sessions last for 60 minutes. Our instructors are responsible for teaching you the safety rules and the best axe-throwing techniques.


For a reservation at 2:00 PM, here is the typical schedule :

13:55 : Welcome

14:00 : Safety briefing and training on axe throwing

14:05 : Practice

14h20 : Games

14:45 : Testing other axe models

14:55 : Team photos

15h00 : End


If you want to get ahead with your axe-throwing technique to impress your friends or partner, look at this.



Do you provide the equipment ? Is it possible to bring your own axe ?

We provide all the equipment for axe throwing, including the axes. For insurance reasons, it's not possible to bring your own axe.


Do you need to be able to lift logs to do axe throwing ?

No, not at all. It's really a skill game, so it requires relaxation and concentration.

Réservation d’une session de lancer de haches aux Cognées


Le prix d’une session de lancer de haches avec Les Cognées est de 22€ TTC par personne. Rendez-vous sur notre page de réservation pour en savoir plus.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants ?

Il n’y a pas de minimum. Le nombre de joueur maximum par cible est de 3.


Opening hours

The Paris center is open Tuesday to Friday from 4 PM to 10 PM (last session at 9 PM), Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM, and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

For corporate events or other special occasions, we are always open.


How do I pay ?

You can pay by credit card directly on the website.


When should I make a reservation ?

We recommend booking at least one week in advance. All bookings are made online on the website.


Is it possible to cancel ?



Can the place be privatized ?

Oui, c’est possible. Pour plus d’informations, visitez notre page Team Building. Ou contactez-nous par courriel à ou par téléphone au 01 71 20 14 45


Is it possible to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises ?

Yes, we have a license that allows us to sell beer and more accompanied by food.


Can we bring our own food and drinks ?

No, but don't worry, we offer various products on site such as sodas, Red Bull, Basque pâté, duck chichon, and sausage (fuet) in Paris.


Le lancer de hache, mais pourquoi faire ?

Le axe throwing est avant tout un moment de partage entre amis, collègue ou membre d’une famille. Si certains pourront se trouver une véritable passion dans le lancer de haches, il s’agit avant tout de découvrir une activité insolite, sortir de sa zone de confort et s’amuser

Axe throwing and safety

Is it dangerous to throw axes ?

Axe throwing is not inherently dangerous. The blades are blunt. Our instructors are particularly attentive to safety rules.


Age limit

We allow children to participate provided they can safely throw the axe and are accompanied by a guardian or parent.


What clothes should I wear ?

We're big fans of flip-flops and sandals, but we care even more about your toes. Only closed-toe shoes are allowed. The champion's advice: flat shoes are even better for a stable and balanced throw.

Avoid clothing that could restrict your shoulder movements.


JI am pregnant, can I participate ?

This decision is up to you, based on your physical condition. We do not have any restrictions regarding this.


Do you want to partner with our axe throwing center ?

Send us an email, and we'll be happy to respond !